School Based Therapy



School based therapy is intended to help support students who may be struggling with various symptoms/mental health concerns in an environment that poses the least barriers to families for treatment – the school.  Students are excused from class at regularly scheduled intervals to meet one on one with a licensed clinician – this may be weekly, biweekly, or monthly.    Our clinicians work with students who present with various mental health, social, academic, or interpersonal concerns – including, but not limited to: anxiety, depression, ADHD, lack of motivation, bullying behaviors, substance abuse, thoughts of self-harm, etc.



  • Reduced interfering behaviors and symptoms interfering with school and home.
  • Increased skills for emotional regulation, problem solving, and life satisfaction.
  • Reduced symptoms associated with trauma, mood dysregulation, and disruptive behavior.
  • Improved functioning at home, school, and community.
  • Comprehensive assessment of initial and ongoing services.


Program Highlights:

  • Team is comprised of highly trained, dedicated and passionate service providers.
  • Conveniently scheduled times to assist families with conflicts or time restraints.
  • There is a collateral “point of contact” between the school and our agency.


Program Design:

Gastonia or Asheville Regional Offices:

Typically, students referred to our program are seen by the school-based clinician once a week for 30-50 minutes (on average).  Therapists work to ensure that students are not primarily being excused from class/curriculum that do not interfere with core academics.  It is also an option to have services delivered in the home or office setting.



Contact the regional office or school closest to you to obtain services.  Basic information will be gathered and you will be given an initial appointment.  If you prefer to complete the contact information on our website, you will be contacted directly by our intake staff.