Privacy Policy

NC HIEA Notice of Privacy Practices

Disclosure to Health Information Exchanges

This facility participates in the North Carolina Health Information Exchange Network, called NC HealthConnex, which is operated by the North Carolina Health Information Exchange Authority (NC HIEA). We will share your protected health information, or PHI, with the NC HIEA and may use NC Health Connex to access your PHI to assist us in providing health care to you. We are required by law to submit clinical and demographic data pertaining to services paid for with funds from North Carolina programs like Medicaid and State Health Plan. We may also share other patient data with NC HealthConnex not paid for with state funds. If you do not want NC HealthConnex to share your PHI with other health care providers who are participating in NC HealthConnex, you must opt out by submitting a form directly to the NC HIEA. Information about NC HealthConnex is available in our offices and online at Again, even if you opt out of NC HealthConnex, we still will submit your PHI if your health care services are funded by State programs. Your patient data may also be exchanged or used by the NC HIEA for public health or research purposes as permitted or required by law. For more information on NC HealthConnex, please visit

Compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

As a client of Access Family Services, a record of health information is made. In adhering to our Best Practices for HIPAA Compliance, we have made our HIPAA Confidentiality & Privacy Practices available for download.

Client-Rights-Handbook HIPAA, Confidentiality & Privacy Practices