Day Treatment



Access Family Services Day Treatment Program (Aspire) provides an array of behavioral and therapeutic interventions in a highly structured environment.  The program serves children and adolescents who have had difficulty functioning in mainstream school and in their community settings.  Interventions are delivered in our Day Treatment campus, working to improve all areas of functioning, using a holistic approach.



  • Improved social skills, problem solving, emotional regulation, communication, anger management, and conflict resolution through a group modality.
  • Successfully reduce behavioral, emotional, and mental health challenges, which are barriers to success in traditional school settings.
  • Utilizing a person-centered framework to improve overall functioning in the school settings, learning skills successfully transferable to home and the community.


Program Highlights:

  • Provides a compassionate environment to re-build trust and foster recovery in a group milieu.
  • Mental health treatment using evidence- based treatment and best practice models including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Aggressive Replacement Training, Skill Streaming and Structural Family Therapy.
  • Consumers participate in education geared at their grade level, needs, and cognitive abilities.  Curriculum implementation is aligned with the content consistent with their county of origin.
  • Provides individual and family therapy, 24-hour crisis support, and case management needs.
  • Uses a trauma- informed approach to engage with youth and work through emotional challenges.



  • Utilizes licensed therapists, clinically trained teachers, behavior specialists, and other qualified professionals with extensive years of experience in the field.
  • The Aspire Program is co-located with Craven County school system. Aspire is open year round from Monday through Friday 8:00-4:00 pm.


Entrance Criteria:

  • Youth with a mental health diagnosis and behaviors impairing the ability to function in a traditional educational setting.


Service Regions:

New Bern



Contact the regional office closest to you to obtain services.  Basic information will be gathered and you will be given an initial appointment.  If you prefer to complete the contact information on our website, you will be contacted directly by our intake staff.  For general questions about our agency and services, please call 1-888-773-3735

HIPAA Compliance

As a client of Access Family Services, a record of health information is made. In adhering to our Best Practices for HIPAA Compliance, we have made our HIPAA, Confidentiality & Privacy Practices document available for download.

HIPAA, Confidentiality & Privacy Practices

Client Rights Handbook

As a service to Access Family Services clients,, we have made our Client Rights Handbook available for download.

Client Rights Handbook


Client Rights Handbook
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